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On Your Doorposts And On Your Gates, Part 1***

Our mezuzah cases from Turtle Lane Acres, along with a free "shalom" magnet. It doesn't get better than that! We moved into our old, cozy mid-19th century farmhouse almost exactly 3 years ago. At the time, I was 5 months pregnant with my surrogate twins, so the move was difficult. We also were combining two households, blending two families, and to make it even more complex (if that is possible!) both of our families had experienced the loss of a parent/spouse, so there was a bit of grief and trauma to contend with. The house I lived in when it was just the girls and me was about 1/3 of the size of our current home; Jim's house where he and the boys lived was not much bigger. Affixing mezuzot to our main doors was definitely something that we did as soon as we moved into our current home, but we decided that we would find mezuzah cases over time, for the rooms throughout the interior, and purchase the mezuzot as we went along. About a year ago, a fri

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